Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My unimpressive sixth sense.

Every month, for about one week, I get super sensitive. My emotions are out of control: I cry because something sad happens in a book I'm reading, I get angry and lose my temper when someone annoys me, or I cry out of happiness because someone gives me a small compliment.
But that's not all. For one week, I get some kind of "sixth sense". Not that I can see dead people or something, that would be creepy. No, it's more of a vague future-telling sense. I don't know exactly what is going to happen, but I get some sort of intuitive feeling if something is a good or a bad idea.
For example, I'm walking around in the city and have to turn around a corner. There's a big building at the corner, so I don't see anything coming from the other street. At that moment, I'll get a feeling that I should stick close to the wall, or quicken my step, to avoid bumping into someone. 
Another example: I was at the supermarket the other day, looking for water. My favourite water tends to be sold out often, and when I reached the aisle I saw it was sold out that day, again. But somehow I "knew" it wasn't really. I looked around and found only one bottle. I almost decided to take just the one bottle and come back another day, but I got some kind of nagging feeling there was still more. So I got under the shelf (they are high shelves! I'm not that small. Honestly.) and dug around, moved some crates of different water, and right under those there were two crates of the water I was looking for. And only two, exactly the amount that I always take. 
And a third, more general example: I can just tell when I'm going to have a good or a bad day. When I'm off to work, on my way to do a job I really like, I'll get a feeling everything will go wrong that day. Even if I try my best to avoid making any mistakes, everything goes pear-shaped anyway. And I do mean everything.

I realize this doesn't really sound impressive, but it can be quite useful sometimes, to me. In those few moments I feel like I can take on the universe any time. I'm ready, show me what you've got in store for me. I'll handle it. Everything will go wrong today? No problem, I'll come back tomorrow...

The scariest thing is that my sixth sense is almost never wrong. And the only times that it is wrong, is when I've tried to force it. I try to consciously use it to predict something small, but it seems it doesn't work that way. Which is kind of a shame. But the times it does work, unconsciously, I tend to get a bit excited. Being able to predict certain small things is a bit scary, but it also gives me a weird feeling in my stomach. Could it be some "power" that I yet have to develop? Or is this all? And how does it work? And why doesn't it work consciously? These questions can keep me up for a long time, sometimes.

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