Tuesday, September 18, 2012

365: 13 - 16

Moar pictures!

13: mobile snapshot. A piece of wall I have walked past so many times. And only now I did I realize that I could maybe do something cool with, some time. Just not sure what yet.

14: mobile snapshot. Another piece of wall in the middle of the town I live. Some day I'm going to do an epic photo shoot here.

15: and another mobile snapshot. This random piece of wall stands in my street, and I have no idea why. No signs or anything. It would be mysterious if it wasn't so small.

16: here, you may need to click this picture to see the larger version, because the cobweb isn't that visible like this. Have I mentioned I love autumn? I love to take pictures of the world changing like this. Once the leaves start changing colours and autumn really begins, I'll be taking a lot more nature-y pictures.

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