Saturday, September 15, 2012

365: 9 - 12

So here's some pictures!

9: some pretty plant growing on my balcony. I love the combination of the pink flowers and some dead other plant. Very autumn-y.

10: first shoot. This is the one I've been telling you about before, when I joined an amazing photographer to help her out, and in return was able to learn something. This is the first time I took a picture of a modelling person. Quite exciting!

11: second shoot. I wish I had thought of bringing my tripod, so many pictures of this shoot are way too blurry. This shoot also made me realize how hard duo shoots are. But I still had a lot of fun! 

Credits to Karen Akkermans for the make up, Rooster Baby & Bubbles and Frown for the headdresses, and Shana, Helena, and Xanthy for being such great models!

12: mobile snapshot. Silly flower. You're supposed to bloom in spring. What are you doing here in September?


  1. Could you just mention the credits for Karen, models & the headdress with the pictures? ^^

    I also really like your shot from Shana!

    1. Sorry, of course! Just edited it. :)
      And thanks! ^^