Monday, September 3, 2012

365 Project: 1

Today is the first day of a new project: a 365 day photo challenge. The goal is to just take one picture every day, completely retouched or just a mobile snapshot or anything in between, and share it. So far, there's four other people taking up this challenge with me. One of them is a really amazing photographer already, the other three I don't know. I really look forward to seeing their pictures, and hopefully we can learn something from each other.
I'm not really much of a photographer (yet), so I'll just be experimenting a bit and hopefully we'll see some improvement along the way!

So here goes, day 1. Subject: soap bubbles.

Taking pictures of bubbles is really hard! I took about 60 before I had some decent ones. I might try this again some time, but perhaps with someone to blow the bubbles for me instead of having to switch really quickly all the time. But I did have fun today.

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