Monday, November 12, 2012

Steampunk overdose.

Last Saturday, I went to a steampunk event in the Netherlands: Emporium Vernesque, together with some friends. It was amazing.

The best part was just walking around and admiring everyone's costumes all day. I have never seen so many steampunk enthusiasts in one place.
The event consisted of some small shops with steampunky goodies, both expensive and cheap ones. I've bought a leather kind of quiver, which I will use in my next real steampunk outfit. No details yet. And there was one stand where small cogwheels and other clock parts were being sold, so naturally I've stacked up on those as well.
After my buying needs were satisfied, we did a tribal bellydance workshop. It was fun to try, but bellydance really isn't my cup of tea. I'll stick to ballroom dancing!
We listened to some cool bands, and I was introduced to some amazing people. I could have just sat there and listen to their cute English and Scottish accents all day.
After playing a game set in Paris, 1800-something, we went home. It was a two hour drive, and we (mostly I) were very tired, but it was all very much worth it!

Here's a group picture taken outside the building where the event took place:

Credits to
(I'm the one sitting at the front with the red skirt and white shawl.)

And now I have the flu, and a ton of schoolwork, so work on my next steampunk outfit will have to wait. But I'm really excited to make something special this time!



    Also, join the club and make a steampunky bellydance costume with Laura and me :D

    1. Lol, have you forgotten how panicky I was when we entered the city and I didn't know where to go even though I had a gps? :p
      And I'm not good at bellydancing. D: