Friday, November 2, 2012


This year for Halloween, I went on a zombiewalk!
A what, you say? Let me show you.

As you see, a lot of people dressed up as zombies (almost 200 in total, I believe) and had an afternoon filled with games, food, make up, and as the main event a zombiewalk through the city of Antwerp. Afterwards there were some more games to be played, and a party, but I was way too tired for all of that.
I joined the amazing Belgian Zombie Foundation's team as a volunteer and helped set up things since very early, which was very tiresome but all very much worth it!

I really loved being a zombie for a day, it was an absolutely thrilling experience. I definitely look forward to next year's zombiewalk.

And finally, here's a more detailed picture of me:

Credits for this picture go to Thierry Keuppens.

I hope everyone had a happy Halloween!

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