Friday, December 7, 2012

Missing comrade.

Three days ago, about nightfall, the third member of our ship's crew went missing. Supposedly, he fell overboard. We searched high and low for him, but not a sight to be seen. Not much to worry about, though, he's plenty capable of taking care of himself, and he can swim well enough.

The second night, I started to worry a bit more. Enlisting other sea and land folk to help the search, we continued our search. The people are friendly around these waters. But still nothing.

Early next morning, we figured it would be a good idea to put up some posters, for everyone who would pass through to see our comrade was missing. The locals seemed very eager to help the search and display the posters in their shops. After all, customer friendliness is a great way to show local support.
On a small island, we built a shelter with a makeshift bed and some food, hoping he would find his way there, in need of rest from his tiresome journey. Still, no one came.

But then, this morning, as I stuck my head outside my cabin to call for him, I heard his call. I shouted his name, and he responded. I called again, to let him know I was coming, and quickly shut the door again. I threw on some clothes over my pajamas, put on a coat and some boots, and ran outside. I kept shouting out for him, and he kept responding, until I found him underneath some trees a small distance to where our ship was anchored. I found him!
I quickly scooped him up from the ground and wrapped my arms around him. How cold he was, from walking around in the snow for three nights! He grabbed onto me, shaking. I wasn't sure if it was because of the cold, or because he was so happy to see me as I him.

And now he's curled up, purring and dozing off on my lap. We're both so glad to have found each other again.
I believe I'll let my friend stay inside for a few days for now, until it gets a bit warmer outside. First some napping time before we set off to the next adventure!

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