Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My favourite new project.

A few days ago, I started up a small new project. I'm not sure if I absolutely love doing this, or I just love anything I can focus on except studying (exams are getting closer and closer, that means procrastination time!). But I really enjoy working on this: my wedding scrapbook wall. Because, yay, I'm getting married next year!

It's not actually a wall, but the side of a book shelf. It contains all kinds of pretty pictures that I found in wedding magazines, but mostly dresses and decoration ideas.
It's really fun to work on, and I bet it works for any kind of long term project you're excited about. This wall in the middle of our living room, filled with inspirational pictures (and, I admit, just pretty and shiny things) really sparks my creativity and enthusiasm!


  1. That's cool, you can make a mood board for your own day of awesomeness ^^
    (and yeah, I know that EVERYTHING is more fun when you're supposed to study. But you should study.)

    1. I know... and I will. I just work better when there's more pressure. ^^