Monday, May 14, 2012

I wish I was a writer.

I mean, I wish I could write books. I'm good at inventing worlds and stories, and working out intriguing plot lines, but it's the actual writing I'm no good at.
Writing descriptions, dialogues, and pretending the characters don't know what's going on while I've already worked out the development of the entire story is really hard. And being good at that makes you a good writer. Letting your characters be surprised, or making them do something stupid, is something I don't seem capable of. Usually they are too smart or too careful, so the story never gets interesting enough. So it seems I'm not cut out to be a writer.
But I'd love to write so much. My head is full of ideas and stories that are waiting to be told, characters who want to live their adventures and save their princesses. One day they will leave their homes, very cautiously, and find their way through the world of book-writing, revising and rewriting until their stories are told. But for now, they remain safely in their homes or wherever they are, until I am brave enough to pick up my pen.

This will be one of my first adventures. And what more suitable way could there be to practice writing than to start a blog? In between adventures I might try some writing experiments, so be warned.

Hoist the sails, it's adventure time!