Sunday, January 20, 2013

On wedding dresses.

Decisions are hard. Especially about really big things, like your own wedding.

I went dress shopping (well, just looking and trying on actually) yesterday with my mum and sis. It was really fun to try on some real wedding dresses and feel like a princess and everything, and I did find one dress that I really liked. There's just two things that bother me.

One is the price tag. Wedding dresses (and honestly just about most things about weddings) are really expensive, and it makes me a bit uncomfortable spending so much money on "just a dress that you can only wear for one day in your life".
The other is the fact that maybe it isn't "special" enough. Like every bride, I'd love for our wedding to be something unique, and the wedding dress is an essential part that contributes to all the uniqueness. I know some people who are really good at sewing, so maybe I should ask them to help me with (read: do most of the work) making one? But then again, what if it's too hard, and I just decide on something easier and less special because it's less frustrating to make, but I'll end up regretting not having the dress I really wanted?

What do you guys think?


    You may have met her at Emporium Vernesque. She makes dresses at reasonable prices.

    I wouldn't want to work on your dress cause I'd be too scared to fuck it up :/

  2. I think you should make it as special as you can, make it stand out from the others. And yes, I'd say ask Marina, as said by Xanthy. Asking can't hurt.

  3. I think Marisha's style would maybe be a bit too much for me. I'd like to still be able to walk around and dance in my dress, and hers don't seem like they allow too much dancing.
    But I will get in touch with someone else, to see if she can help me create something special. :)